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Principal Risks​

An investment in a Nuance Investments, LLC product is not a deposit of a bank and is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other governmental agency. Securities are subject to general market risks due to a variety of factors that affect the overall market. There is no guarantee that an investment with the strategy will meet its investment objectives, and it may underperform the market.

The strategy’s value investments are subject to general stock market fluctuations. Value stocks tend to be inexpensive relative to their earnings or assets compared to other types of stocks. However, if the market does not consider a stock to be undervalued, then the value of the stock may continue to be inexpensive for an extended period or may decline in value even if stock prices are generally rising.

The risks of investing in securities of foreign companies involves risks not generally associated with investments in securities of U.S. companies, including risks relating to political, social and economic developments abroad and differences between U.S. and foreign regulatory and tax requirements and market practices. Securities that are denominated in foreign currencies are subject to the further risk that the value of the foreign currency will fall in relation to the U.S. dollar and/or will be affected by volatile currency markets or actions of U.S. and foreign governments or central banks. Foreign securities may be subject to greater fluctuations in price than securities of U.S. companies because foreign markets may be smaller and less liquid than U.S. markets. There may be less information publicly available about foreign companies than about a U.S. company, and many foreign companies are not subject to accounting, auditing, and financial reporting standards, regulatory framework and practices comparable to those in the U.S.

To obtain a full list of Nuance’s General Disclosures & GIPS Compliance Disclosures please contact Client Services at 816.743.7080 or client.services@nuanceinvestments.com.

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