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Independent third parties have recognized Nuance Investments for our investment results and our classic value investment philosophy founded on the belief that identifying leading business franchises selling at a discount to fair value has the potential to generate excess returns over time.

How to invest

Nuance has been managing portfolios for individuals and institutions using the same classic value investment philosophy since first registering as an investment advisor in 2008. If you would like to receive material describing our services, including our historical performance records, please contact us.

Nuance Investments, LLC
4900 Main Street, Suite 220
Kansas City, MO 64112
Telephone: (816) 743-7080
Fax: (816) 743-7099

How to Invest

Nuance pays a licensing fee for the right to use and display third party rankings and awards. Nuance does not pay for participation or inclusion in third party rankings. The ratings are not representative of any one client’s experience and are not indicative of Nuance’s future performance.

Nuance Investments, LLC • 4900 Main Street, Suite 220, Kansas City, MO 64112​

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