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Nuance Concentrated Value Long-Short Fund

Principal Risks

Before investing in the Fund, you should carefully consider your own investment goals, the amount of time you are willing to leave your money invested, and the amount of risk you are willing to take. An investment in the Fund is not a deposit of a bank and is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other governmental agency. Remember, in addition to possibly not achieving your investment goals, you could lose all or a portion of your investment in the Fund over short or even long periods of time. The principal risks of investing in the Fund are:

General Market Risk. The Fund’s net asset value and investment return will fluctuate based upon changes in the value of its portfolio securities. Certain securities selected for the Fund’s portfolio may be worth less than the price originally paid for them, or less than they were worth at an earlier time.

Management Risk. The Fund may not meet its investment objective or may underperform the market or other mutual funds with similar strategies if the Adviser cannot successfully implement the Fund’s investment strategies.

Non-Diversified Fund Risk. Because the Fund is “non-diversified” and may invest a greater percentage of its assets in the securities of a single issuer, a decline in the value of an investment in a single issuer could cause the Fund’s overall value to decline to a greater degree than if the Fund held a more diversified portfolio.

Value-Style Investing Risk. The Fund’s value investments are subject to the risk that their intrinsic values may not be recognized by the broad market or that their prices may decline.

Equity Securities Risk. The equity securities held in the Fund’s portfolio may experience sudden, unpredictable drops in value or long periods of decline in value. This may occur because of factors that affect securities markets generally or factors affecting specific industries, sectors, geographic markets, or companies in which the Fund invests.

Sector Emphasis Risk. The securities of companies in the same or related businesses (“industry sector”), if comprising a significant portion of the Concentrated Value Long-Short Fund’s portfolio, may in some circumstances react negatively to market conditions, interest rates, and economic, regulatory or financial developments, and adversely affect the value of the Fund’s portfolio, to a greater extent than if such securities comprised a lesser portion of the Fund’s portfolio or the Fund’s portfolio was diversified across a greater number of industry sectors. Some industry sectors have particular risks that may not affect other sectors.

Large-Cap, Mid-Cap and Small-Cap Companies Risk. The Fund’s investment in larger companies is subject to the risk that larger companies are sometimes unable to attain the high growth rates of successful, smaller companies, especially during extended periods of economic expansion. Securities of mid-cap and small-cap companies may be more volatile and less liquid than the securities of large-cap companies.

Foreign Securities Risk. Investments in securities of foreign companies involves risks not ordinarily associated with investments in securities and instruments of U.S. companies, including risks relating to political, social and economic developments abroad and differences between U.S. and foreign regulatory and tax requirements and market practices, including fluctuations in foreign currencies.

Currency Risk. When the Fund buys or sells securities on a foreign stock exchange, the transaction is undertaken in the local currency rather than in U.S. dollars, which carries the risk that the value of the foreign currency will increase or decrease, which may impact the value of the Fund’s portfolio holdings and your investment. Non-U.S. countries may adopt economic policies and/or currency exchange controls that affect its currency valuations in a disadvantageous manner for U.S. investors and companies and restrict or prohibit the Fund’s ability to repatriate both investment capital and income, which could place the Fund’s assets in such country at risk of total loss.

Short Sales Risk. In establishing a short position in a security, the Fund is subject to the risk that it may not always be able to borrow a security, or to close out a short position at a particular time or at an acceptable price. If the price of the borrowed security increases between the date of the short sale and the date on which the Fund replaces the security or closes out the position, the Fund will experience a loss. Any loss will be increased by the amount of compensation, interest or dividends, and transaction costs that the Fund must pay to a lender of the security. Because the Fund may invest the proceeds of a short sale, another risk of short selling is similar to the effect of leverage, in that it amplifies changes in the Fund’s NAV and may increase losses and the volatility of returns. The extent of such loss, because it stems from increases in the value of the security sold short, is theoretically unlimited.

Portfolio Turnover Risk. A high portfolio turnover rate (100% or more) has the potential to result in the realization and distribution to shareholders of higher capital gains, which may subject you to a higher tax liability. A high portfolio turnover rate also leads to higher transaction costs.

Please Note: There are other potential risks associated with investing in the Nuance Concentrated Value Long-Short Fund. For more information on the risk factors associated with the Fund please contact Shareholder Services at 1-855-Nuance3 (855-682-6233).

You should consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. For a statutory or summary prospectus, that contains this and other information about the Funds, call 1-855-NUANCE3 (855-682-6233). Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Mutual fund investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible. Investments in small and mid-capitalization companies involve additional risk such as limited liquidity and greater volatility than larger capitalization companies. Investments in foreign securities involve greater volatility and political, economic and currency risks and differences in accounting methods. The Fund is non-diversified, meaning it may concentrate its assets in fewer individual holdings than a diversified fund. Therefore, the Fund is more exposed to individual stock volatility than a diversified fund. Short sale of securities involves unlimited risk including the possibility that losses may exceed the original amount invested. However, a mutual fund investor’s risk is limited to one’s amount of investment in a mutual fund.


Nuance Investments is the advisor to the Nuance Concentrated Value Long-Short Fund which is distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC.

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